Alone in the North East

Have you ever read the novel Alone in Berlin (Jeder stirbt für sich allein) by Hans Fallada? You should. It is based on the true story of working-class husband and wife Otto and Elise Hampel who, perhaps unwittingly, became part of the German Resistance. According to Wikopedia, Fallada’s book was one of the first anti-Nazi novels to be published by a German after World War II.

In the book Otto and then his wife, take to writing postcards denouncing the Nazi party and their warmongering. In secret, they leave them in buildings all over Berlin, much to the annoyance and frustration of the authorities. 

Now, I am no Otto Hampel though the story touched me in so many ways. It is very well written, like all of Fallada’s books yet the tale of an underdog fighting the might of the German government, in his own way, is the stuff of legend. The romantic in me would like to think they played a small part in changing the course of history.

The romantic in me would also like to think that I am playing a small part in changing the world but we’ll see. Following CyberNorth’s sessions at last year’s Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival, Graham from ISNorthEast has developed a very useful guide on Cyber Resilience for Business Managers. It helps you to get your head around the things you need to think about both before and during a cyber security incident. We had an introduction to the guide printed on a postcard sized handout, including a QR link to the site. We have been giving them out at shows and events.

Now you can see where this is going. I’ve taken to leaving the postcards in buildings I visit, including cafe’s and receptions. I know that these aren’t going to get me in trouble with the authorities but you never know, it may save someone’s business. I’m sure Otto would have approved.

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