You lost get over it

Image thanks to Business Insider

In my humble opinion Brexit is a disaster. I have not hidden my views and feel I have been consistent during and following the referendum. I am clearly not the only one as people who I know voted to leave tell me they are feeling let down. Even the Telegraph has said that project fear had become reality.

Apparently though the failure of Brexit is my fault along with all other remoaners. We don’t just believe enough and should have got behind the project. Even though I have no political power I have caused all the problems, yet I don’t see how.

The gospel that is Twitter is a useful reminder of my failure. I’ve never met Henry Bolton (@_HenryBolton) and respect he has the right to an opinion but here is an example of such a tweet:

‘You had a referendum and you lost @acgrayling One of biggest domestic causes of economic instability in the UK is you lot refusing tNOv 1o accept the result. You deliberately try to cause instability and to obstruct progress so you can falsely blame Brexit.’

In case you’re not aware AC Grayling is an arch remoaner and clearly a powerful person if Henry Bolton’s comments are to be believed.

But politics doesn’t work like that. If you vote Conservative and Labour get in you don’t say it’s a fair cop and become a Labour supporter. You continue to work with like minded people to get your favoured party back in power. Back in 1975 there was a referendum to ask the British people if they wished to remain a member of the European Community. 

The answer was yes, yet over the following 41 years the anti-EU lobby worked tirelessly to overcome the will of the people. They didn’t accept the result. Perhaps if they had believed more and didn’t deliberately try to cause instability and to obstruct progress then we would still be enjoying membership of the union.

Not everything about the EU is good and I am not blind to its faults yet Brexit remains and always will be a bad idea. Far better to have remained and worked harder to improve the way it works. Brexit has caused instability and obstructed progress. 

It is risible that somehow this is my fault.

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