Last week of #CyberFest 22

This is the last week of #CyberFest 22. As the festival draws to a close, at least for this year, we have added two additional events to the programme. Both are online and in conjunction with Newcastle University.

The first is on Tuesday 12:00 – 15:00:

PRIFF workshop – Privacy Risks in Financial Services based on Federated Learning

Event description: Deep Learning technology is driving a dramatic shift in how financial institutions run their business. However, this brings serious privacy risks, from sensitive customer information leakage to ethical principles violations. One novel approach to address those challenges is Federated Learning, which enables multiple financial institutions to collaboratively construct a joint deep learning model without exposing their local data. 

Our research aims at exploring the potential privacy risks of bringing Federated Learning into financial services and designing privacy-preserving algorithms in accordance with specific application scenarios. The main challenge is to understand the notion of privacy risks in financial services and design quantitative methods to evaluate the seriousness of privacy leakage. This interdisciplinary research involves researchers from business, sociology, and ethics backgrounds.

Free tickets are available here.

The second is on Thursday 29 Sep 14:00 – 16:00:

Corporate digital responsibility workshop – Who is responsible for data and digital

Purpose: Understanding ethicality for Cyber Security based on CDR tenets

a) What do ethical practices look like for cyber security practitioners?

b) What is the ethical risk/social impact of practitioner’s technological solutions (i.e., unintended consequences)?

c) How do cyber security practitioners monitor and maintain an ethical profile?

d) What is the current, transitional, and preferred end ethical outcome position for the cyber security sector?

e) What are the gaps?

Free tickets are available here.

Also don’t forget there are two other events this week. The FinTech event on Wednesday is sold out though tickets are still available for the #CyberFest season finale celebration at Brinkburn Brewery, Byker on Thursday 18:00 to 20:00.

Free tickets are available here.

We have had a great programme this year and I hope to see you at one or more of the remaining events.

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