Dynamo 22 is coming

Thinking Digital, the Dynamo Conference, The Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival and then #CyberFest. Four great events to look forward to that are going to keep me busy over the summer.

I’m not directly involved in Thinking Digital (though I would like to be) but the others are coming thick and fast. Each one requires a large amount of planning with each one overlapping the other. A call for speakers is out for #CyberFest while our plans are ready to launch for the Innovation Festival. First up though is Dynamo 22.

This year it is going to be a two day conference, interestingly one day online and the next in person at Northumbria University. A call for speakers went out and seven came back. I wasn’t on the judging panel this year yet we have settled on three. The rest will be taken forward to #CyberFest, which will give us a nice start.

I say three yet only one of them is truly about cyber security. I am coming back to my favourite drum to bang, innovation in cyber security. Every time I mention it I can hear my friend Andrew say that what is needed is to develop the existing market need for cyber security and risk advice. I agree with him but it is not one or the other we need but rather both. Anyway, the session is called ‘Innovation in Cyber Security – Why this is important’ and is online on 21 June between 9:25 – 10:10. We’ll be hearing from Mark at Nomad Rail talking about the exciting work they do in secure connectivity for trains. This will be followed by a round table discussion with other innovators. 

The second session will be on another of my favourite topics, art and cyber. ‘Digital for authentic audience connection in the arts is on 22 June, 10:30 – 11:30 in person with Robby from Southpaw Dance Company, Catherine from Kielder Observatory and Gill from Sunderland University.

The third session is another online one, this time on RinTech, not directly cyber but very related. I’m still working on this one.

More later.

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