How many mailboxes?

How many mailboxes do you really need? Come on, be honest. You would think that one would suffice yet somehow I had ended up with seven. The imminent launch of the new CyberNorth website has added yet another.

I have collected them over the years as I have become involved in new ventures. Despite trying to stay disciplined and keeping to one for home and one for work, the domains have not made sense to the recipients, leading to confusion and misunderstanding. I have been persuaded, after considerable resistance to take on more.

The fact that I use a mixture of Google and Outlook isn’t helping yet the main problem is that I am mixing up the domains. I am sending emails from the wrong box.

I’m going to have to have a spring clean and apply some strict discipline going forward. I will use CyberNorth, Dynamo, NIBE, UKC3 and BSides only for relevant stuff. If I am sending a mail on behalf of CyberNorth then that is the email I will use. Likewise for UKC3 etc. 

My Guerrilla Working account will be for other work related stuff while my other gmail account will be for the more personal correspondence (and junk).

This all sounds easy yet  there is going to be quite a transition period. At the moment I reckon that 90% of my work resulted mail is going through the Guerrilla Working account. I estimate that about 60% should be through the new CyberNorth domain with Dynamo the next biggest (this is the Outlook account that I don’t like using). It will take a bit more effort but I am going to have to take any mail I get and reply through the proper address. Perhaps forwarding mails might work. I could set up a rule, or filter as they are known in Google.

Let’s see how I get on. Then, of course, there are the calanders!

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