#CyberFest 21 -Why you should go to Cyber Security – It’s a Rural Issue as well

When we read about cyber security in the press or on social media, it is the big companies that get the headlines. Everyday it seems that some major corporation is under attack, from airlines to healthcare, from hotels to big oil. Even nation states aren’t immune.

In truth though it is the smaller companies that take most of the hit. As security systems become more sophisticated and more expensive, then the threat landscape has moved towards the SMEs and micro businesses. The attacks on these companies, while not as newsworthy, have a greater impact on their ability to survive than those with a bigger balance sheet. 

Cyber security is not just a big city problem, it’s a rural issue as well. The move to remote working however could be a huge opportunity for rural communities to compete against the city regions.

In this event we are working with one of our neighbouring cyber security clusters, Scotland IS Cyber, to consider the effect of cyber security upon more rural businesses and communities. With the help of two businesses and two colleges on either side of the English/ Scottish border we’ll investigate what is happening and what we can do to counteract the threat from those working in the borders.

Following introductions by both  Phil Jackman, Dynamo North East and CyberNorth, and Ciara Mitchell – Head of Cyber at ScotlandIS Cyber (both directors of the new UK Cyber Clusters Collaboration (UKC3), we will hear from Lorraine McGill, Operations Director at Bowe Digital Ltd.,  a Northumberland based cyber security company and Steve Black, Head of Public Sector & European Delivery Services at Agenor, a cyber security company based in Edinburgh and covering the borders region.

This will be followed by talks from Sam Ogle, Curriculum Manager at Northumberland College in Ashington and Angela Cox, Principal & CEO Borders College in Galashiels, both which provide courses in cyber security.

The event will be wrapped up with a panel discussion where the speakers will explore the specific issues faced by people and businesses in more rural areas. 

This event will be on 28 September 2021 between 16:00 – 17:30 and online only. Tickets are free and available from here.

See you there!

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