Hokey Cokey

It’s my granddaughters favourite tune because it’s a party song! She tries putting her left leg in, her left leg out but hasn’t yet grasped which leg is which. She is only two. When it comes on we all have to jump up and dance around and when it stops there is the inevitable shout of again!

The song has made me think about life in general. With this glorious spell of weather, each morning I have put out the seat cushions on the garden furniture only to bring them back in again later on in the evening. It’s the same with so many things I do on a daily basis.

I empty the dishwasher in order to fill it with the dirty dishes. No sooner do I put the clean ones away than out they come again for lunch or tea. It’s the same with the washing machine which always seems to have dirty clothes in it, or the rubbish bin which, no matter how many times it is emptied, is always full. As soon as I put the lawnmower away it seems the grass needs cutting again.

I guess that’s life. You put the dishes in, you take the dishes out, in, out, in, out…

Our time isn’t always filled with excitement. It is the repetitive activities that take up most of our life and it feels, as I get older, that these tasks occupy a greater proportion of the day. There is always something to do. What has struck me though is that the gap between these activities, the doing and the undoing, the filling and the emptying, is getting shorter and shorter. 

Time is speeding up. The days, weeks and even years are whizzing by and I have no idea why, but soon I will be emptying the dishwasher before I have filled it. Life really is a hokey cokey. 


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