#CyberFest 21 – Strategy and Innovation

Image thanks to Disruptor League

There is something for everyone at #CyberFest this year. We always try to aim for a varied programme that shows the wide ranging and exciting aspects of the region’s cyber security sector. This year is no different.

Cyber security continues to be a real issue, with many high profile cyber attacks and even more low profile ones. Governments are getting to grips with the issue and making significant efforts to fight back and this is the subject of the second event in the region’s biggest cyber security festival.

CyberNorth has been working closely with government over the last year and in this event we will hear from Theo Peterson, Head of Future Planning in the cyber strategy team in the Cabinet Office. The refreshed National Cyber Strategy will soon be announced and Theo will talk about lessons from the 2016 strategy and plans going forward. There will then be an opportunity to hear about how this affects the region’s sector and how we can continue to be part of the government’s growing plans. This will include details of where we are with the proposed cyber security innovation centre.

This event will be held online on 9 September between 10:00 – 11:00 and free tickets can be found here.

Innovation in cyber security is something that the region needs more of and the above event leads nicely into the seventh event of the festival. We may need more yet the North East is home to innovative cyber security companies and in this event we will hear from three of the newest companies around.

Edwin Bartlett will talk to us about  HiComply, a software platform that gives you the tools to build your information security management system (ISMS) as well as protect your business data.

Igor Kotsiuba will talk to us about Healthymity, an ecosystem for collaboration between  hospitals and pharmaceutical companies on AI projects.

Eldon Jobe will talk to us about Mellius Cyber and its product MELCaaS, which monitors your networks, email and passwords for cyber threats and vulnerabilities

This will be followed by a discussion about innovation in the region, how healthy it is and what more needs to be done to have more.

This event will be held online on 9 September between 10:00 – 11:00 and free tickets can be found here.

There is so much going on within the North East’s cyber security sector, regionally, nationally and even internationally. Please join us to find out more.

See you there.

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