Another week has passed in the soap opera that is our government. The oddly timed release of Hancock’s indiscretion is just the latest in a long line of illegal, immoral or downright disturbing things that have happened. 

It is like watching Soap, the TV series that ran for four years in the late seventies, with its increasingly outlandish and incomprehensible story lines. The crazier the show got the harder it was to turn away until it became so convoluted that the viewing public gave up. It was car crash TV and, if I remember rightly, the show always ended up with the strapline ‘Confused? You will be.’

I say that the picture of Hancock was oddly timed. Perhaps I am becoming a conspiracy theorist as I am left wondering why on a Friday, a day when most MPs are in their constituencies, and why that Friday when the picture was already a month old? Also why the Sun of all papers? Was the picture an attempt to bring Hancock down from outside government, or from inside the party or, my current preference, a toe in the water to see if the public cared or not. Politics is a very murky world.

Then there is the issue of a serious, very serious, breach in security and the questions over how public money is being used to pay friends of ministers, let alone lovers.

Of course the Prime Minister said that the matter was closed but is it? It is up to the public to decide. What has shocked me over the last few years is how little anger there is in the public over the government’s wrong doings. Street protests are difficult at the moment but where is the outrage over the cronyism, corruption, illegality and downright moral bankruptcy of this government? Apathy is the order of the day.

Perhaps the show has become so convoluted that the viewing public has given up. Perhaps the show will soon be pulled? I hope so.

Until then, ‘Confused? You will be.’

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