Happy New Year 2021

Image thanks to WallpaperCave

For three years now, I have published a list of resolutions. This is my fourth. They are not things that I have set my heart on achieving but rather things to aim at. For the year just gone I have given myself three and a half out of the five yet it doesn’t matter. I achieved other things throughout the year and they were more guidelines than rules anyway.

So how did I do in 2020? Here is my summary:

  • Establish CyberNorth as the cyber security cluster for the region as recognised by the industry. I have put this down as a yes. Despite the difficulties, we have managed a programme of events throughout the year including webinars and a weekly ‘In Conversation’. There was also the third year of #CyberFest which moved entirely online. Just as important is that the cluster has now been recognised by both the Department of Culture Media and Sport as well as the National Cyber Security Centre as representing the region and we have had regular and meaningful engagement with both bodies.
  • Finally get to speak Dutch with someone on a regular basis. No, I didn’t but I am giving myself half a point because i Have continued with my Duolingo every day. I am now on a 1741 day streak and am working through level 5 in Dutch. I momentarily got into the Diamond league but have slipped back a bit
  • See if I can get to write for a local newspaper or magazine. I didn’t do this either.
  • Focus my political activism on electoral reform. Each week I have had at least one blog on politics, many of which were on better forms of elections, including different kinds of proportional representation. I have also been involved with Open Democracy and the Electoral Reform Society.
  • Cut down on my driving, use public transport more and even get back on a bicycle. Well this one was easy, at least the driving bit. Covid put paid to much of my driving as well as travel in general. I didn’t get out on my bike though

What about the year ahead? Here is my 2021 list:

  • Complete the ORCANE full business case for a cybersecurity innovation centre in the region
  • Launch the Ethical Business Toolkit we have been developing at the North East Initiative on Business Ethics and embed it as a useful tool
  • Finally get to speak Dutch with someone on a regular basis – brought forward from last year
  • Write another book – I have an idea for another non-fiction book. One day I must get round to fiction.
  • Get out there on a kayak – resurrected from 2019, though a friend of mine has bought a kayak

To be reviewed on 31 December 2021.

Have a happy new year.

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