Last blog of 2020

Image thanks to HR Review

Tradition dictates that I now conclude the year with a retrospective blog. It is a trick that the television companies use all the time, by compiling programmes from bits of the previous year’s it saves them time and money and pads out a schedule that may be difficult to fill otherwise. Anyway this is my fifth in a row. 

2020 is a year that I will be glad to see the back of. I imagine that many others feel the same way. The Problem is that I am not sure that 2021 is going to be any better but anyway, here are my reflections.

My blog is doing fine. I have managed to blog three times per week and the number of visits, if such a thing is important, are up on the previous year. Indeed this month and November were amongst my best. I’m still finding things to say and enjoy the challenge of having to put words to paper (well virtual paper) although the reduction in my working hours has led to fewer newsworthy experiences.

My third year of trading was good though the last quarter went up in smoke. Very few people were interested in thinking about the future when the present was such a problem.  I won’t be able to say the same for this financial year when it is finally over. Business has been very slow but I have been able to reinvent myself and focus on other interesting things and it has been amazing how busy I have actually been.

My work with the North East Initiative on Business Ethics has reaped some rewards. The website is now established, with new content every week and we now have over 1160 followers on Twitter. Towards the end of the year I have been working with colleagues and an Ethical Business Toolkit, to help individuals and companies that want to think about being more ethical. It is in beta testing at the moment and we hope to launch it later on in January.

As for Dynamo, I have continued my work on CyberNorth, the cyber security cluster. This year has definitely been the year of video. With twenty or so ‘In Conversation’ and the whole of #CyberFest 20 online and available through YouTube. At the beginning of the year, Dynamo had two videos on its YouTube channel, now it has ninety eight.

What else have I been up to? Back in normal times, I did some work at Middlesbrough Football Club and think of it every time I see an interview from the press office, I worked with David Morton, a colleague of mine, up at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Edinburgh, presented on Guerrilla Working at Cintra’s HR conference and did some mock interviews at my old school.

2020 has been the strangest of years.

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