It’s nice to be recognised

Image thanks to Shinyhappyworld

I am doing some work at a five star hotel in the region. It won’t be that hard to work out which one as there aren’t that many where I live. Now, I don’t normally frequent such places, they are a bit rich for both my tastes and my wallet yet it has been fascinating to find out what makes it tick. They say that first impressions are lasting and that bodes well for the hotel.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the hotel was that I was expected. The concierge greeted me, knew my name and knew why I was there. He knew exactly where I was going and guided me to the spot, ensuring that I was handed over to the person I was due to meet. It was a superb touch and one that set them apart from any other hotel that I have stayed at.

Having said that, I am not one to be fussed over and would not necessarily seek out such levels of service yet that is the market they are in. However nice their building is, however sumptuous its environment and however tasty the food is, it will be the service that differentiates the hotel at this level.

That is their challenge. How to raise their game through a constant refinement of their service levels. A little touch here, a gesture there all add up to make a difference. In many ways their task has gone beyond delivering against the guest’s expectations but rather to deliver the unexpected. Their aim must be to surprise and excite the guests during their stay in ways that makes them feel that it is a great place to stay, one that they are happy to talk about with their acquaintances and one that justifies the price they are prepared to pay.

This is something new for me and my challenge is to understand the role that technology can play in enhancing the already high levels of personal service. I am certainly looking forward to going back.

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