Mother Earth is a sentient creature. Who are we to understand what she thinks? Her timescales are vast, a thousand years are the blink of an eye and the life of a man is a mere tick of the clock. Her thoughts are beyond us, celestial, universal, beyond limits. 

We, on the other hand are an infection, a parasite perhaps, that irritates her surface and bores into her entrails. We take from her what we want without thought of the consequences. Our greed knows no bounds. We are virulent and consume everything we can in a frenzy of expansion. 

Mother Earth is running a temperature.

She has a plan though and soon will put it into practice. A drug perhaps that will curtail our ways. A virus to compete against us, play us at our own game and wipe us out. Or perhaps an emetic that will purge us from her body and flush us away.

I have no idea how long it will be, a hundred years, a thousand, a million even yet soon we will be gone. Humanity will cease to exist and all that will be left will be the vestiges of our civilisation, buildings, roads and plastics that will hang around like antibodies. Eventually they too will be subsumed back into the soil from which they came.

What then of the future? She will have won and will feel all the better for it. 

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