Chasing Rabbits

Image thanks to Celtic Memory Yarns

I’ve been a bit down lately, which isn’t like me. I’m very lucky and am normally in good spirits but not so much in the last few months. My shine has gone off and even Christmas hasn’t the lure that it has had in the past. I can’t put my finger on it but suspect it is mostly to do with the political upheaval over the last few years, especially in the latter half of 2019.

The result of the referendum was not what I wanted yet I still held out some hope that people would come round and see the world the way I do. The 2019 election put pay to all that and, while I have not given up hope altogether, it is going to be an uphill struggle from now on.

I had put a lot of effort into the run up to the election, supporting this and that campaign, giving some money here and there while spending far too much time on social media. I wrote to my MP half a dozen times and without being directly involved in politics I felt that I did as much as I could. I know I could have done more, yet it was exhausting and the 12th December put the seal on it. The result filled me with a mixture of dread and relief. 

I dread the next decade under the Conservative Government, not because I don’t believe in their economic policies but rather am deeply suspicious of their lack of care for social issues. I also fear the way that they have gamed the elections and are planning to do everything they can to keep other political ideas out. Democracy anyone?

The relief comes because the fight, that particular fight has come to an end. I need to regroup and think of how I am going to spend my energy going forward and having thought about it, I think I have spread myself too thinly. I have been chasing every rabbit that went passed my way and without success.

I need to focus more and spend my time and perhaps money, chasing one cause, following one course, hunting one rabbit. The one I have chosen is electoral reform. It is tight enough an issue to focus on yet loose enough to give me some wriggle room. It is also a very long shot.

I’m going to wait however until Parliament sits again in January.

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