On a bus


Now I don’t often get a bus, not that I have anything against them, they just tend not to be as convenient as other forms of transport. I use the train more. This week though I found myself on one. I had gone in to Newcastle by train only to find that a meeting had been cancelled. The people I was meant to meet just after that meeting were still at Cobalt and asked if I could go there instead. The only real way to get from Newcastle to the Cobalt by public transport is by bus. Number 309 if you are interested.

It turned out to be a great service, with departures every 15 minutes and a more or less door to door services from the Haymarket to the Council offices at Cobalt. The journey didn’t last that long, about twenty minutes.

I found though that, unlike on the train, it is almost impossible to type on my Chromebook on a bus. It starts and stops, it goes round corners and bumps through the potholes. It is all a bit much for my keyboard skills. 

Perhaps there is a business opportunity here, someway to keep the writer and interface in tandem. There can’t be that many possible solutions. You could start with improving the suspension on the buses to smooth out the ride, or you could make the seats float independently from the bus, or you could use technology to smooth out the jitter in my arms, like they do with micro-surgical devices. All of these are just too impractical or way too expensive so I can type a few sentences.

On the way back I noticed there were a couple of tables upstairs, both of which were occupied and so I don’t know whether these would have helped.

Instead, I think I will just have to give it a miss next time and use my phone. Better still I might just look out of the window.

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