Be a role model


Everyone has the role to be a role model. What a great quote. I heard it at the update of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s  Economic Plan. It was so good that I had to tweet it and unfortunately forget who said it. It’s an age thing.

The point though is that we all have a choice as to how we appear. All the world’s a stage and how we come across is a role that we act out. Sometimes we are good and sometimes we are bad. All of these are reflections of who we are as a person yet we moderate and modulate the different aspects of our character depending upon circumstances.

I have written on many occasions that the North East is such a great place to work because of the openness of its people. By far and away the majority you come across are more than happy to help you out even if you may indeed end up in competition with them. There is a great sense of doing right by the region and that we will all prosper if the area grows in its success.

The quote made me think however, that it is not enough just to offer help but rather to make it a part of your daily role. How can I use my experiences and talents (I do have some) to help others who are either starting off on their careers or are needing some help in addressing a new challenge.

We have a responsibility to give as well as get.

All of us, in whatever way we can, can make the effort to set some time aside to be that role model. It is something that may not come naturally and yes, may be a chore, yet when we look back we will recognise those people who have helped us out. They were our role models.

It is our role then, when others look back, for them to see us in their memories.

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