Another idea surfaces

Have I got a thing about road surfaces?

Now I am feeling really smug. A couple of weeks ago it was my portable washing machine that finally saw the light of day and now I find that another long term idea of mine is going to be introduced. I am not claiming any credit however but you never know…

I saw this announcement on the Transport Network website

‘Ministers plan to make pavements the default location for new utility infrastructure, to cut down on roadworks and potholes, it has been reported.’

Apparently, the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling told The Times newspaper that the change is needed because potholes are far more likely to appear on sections of roads that had been recently dug up.

In my blog of January 2012, I raised the same issue  when I said ‘The question for me is, why are utility pipes always put under roads?  Whenever there is a problem, out come the temporary traffic lights, drills, shovels and a gang of illuminated operatives.

No matter how hard they try, they can never repair a road properly.  There will always be a small dip or lip and as soon as the first frosts come, the potholes will appear.

My suggestion is that all new roads are built with conduits on either side.  They will need to be secure but all utilities will be carried through them. Every hundred metres or so here will be a link between either side if the road, built into its construction.’

Grayling’s comments were not official government policy nor were they particularly welcomed by the utility companies. As is usual the responses were filled with clamours for more funding when, in my opinion, such an approach would save money both for the utility companies, the local and highway authorities.

I may have to wait a while for proper recognition.

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