Recipe for success

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There are so many interesting people out there and I am getting to meet more than my fair share. Our conversations are rich veins of learning for me, and hopefully for them, as through dialogue we see things from different perspectives.  I pick up tools and ways of thinking that I could not do when I am holed up by myself.

I have come across at least two today. The first was from Ron, someone who I have never met before yet instantly took a liking to. We fell into an easy conversation and our allotted time was over in a flash.  He spoke to me about intrepreneurship which is a way of tapping into the talent and ideas that already exist within the organisation in which you work. Given a bit of encouragement we can all become intrepreneurs and help bring fresh thinking to ongoing issues and highlight new opportunities.

The second was from Matt whose path I have crossed many a time in the last few years. We were talking about the role that strategy plays in pushing businesses forward and how often the lack of one leads to stagnation and dissolution. Matt went on to describe processes in terms of a recipe. As a keen baker of cakes the metaphor struck a chord with me.

When I am following a  recipe I start with a description of what is that I am trying to make, usually with a picture as well. Below that is a list of ingredients, the things that I am going to need to make my cake, which is followed by the method I need to follow. TAke the ingredients, follow the method and a delicious treat will follow.

Both of these are fabulous insights into ways of addressing organisational problems and are something that I will find useful in the kind of work that I am doing now. In truth we can never stop learning, especially from others and the best way is to engage in such conversations.

Now, where is that recipe book?

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