It’s all in the numbers


What have we become? One of my daughters told me about an app that you can download that tells you how long you spend on your phone. I downloaded it and ended up checking up on how many times I unlocked it. On one day it was 106 times. My obsession with my phone has become yet another thing to worry about.

This is my problem. I have an obsession with numbers and they are driving my behaviour. I have a seven hundred and twenty three day streak on Duolingo.  I need to do it every day to meet the numbers. I am learning Dutch and dabble in French and Spanish as well. My streak should have been over a hundred days more but for some reason one of my days didn’t register. I tell myself that it doesn’t matter yet I still recall it. I know though that you cannot argue with a computer.

I have the Sat Nav on in the car all the time, even though I don’t go to many new places. It is set to tell me how many minutes to my destination which only makes me fret when held up in traffic. For some reason I get stuck at every traffic light. I know how many miles I have done this month, how many since I last filled up, the miles per gallon and my average speed.

I realise though that I am addicted and have started to fight back. I have switched off the pedometer on my phone. It was draining the battery though it could easily cope with that. It is a new phone after all.  That is not the reason. I switched it off as the app had become another obsession. It was just another thing to check. I found myself looking at it every five minutes to see what progress I had made.

I would not say that I am the most active of people but I know if I have walked a fair way or not. I know the busy days and the couch potato days. I don’t need an app to tell me.  

I never understood why the number ten thousand steps was relevant. I know where it came from but why not eleven thousand or nine thousand. The number was becoming more important than the purpose. The checking became the purpose.

I need to get off as none of these are relevant.

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