Chimps in the Snow

Picture thanks to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

The snow is such an inconvenience. It gets in the way of modern life. It messes up with our plans and turns our daily routine on its head. While it looks beautiful it is not compatible with the way that I want my life to run.
As it falls and the world around me grinds to a halt something gets wound up in side of me. I feel an inner struggle between the need to control my life and the total lack of control that I have thanks to the weather. The snow is God’s way of showing who is really in charge.
I know there is nothing I can do about it. The weather just is but that doesn’t help and I am reminded of The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters in which he tells us how our brain is really two brains, the human one and the chimp one.
I am standing at the window watching the blobs of snow blowing around the garden in the howling wind and my inner chimp is shouting at me that I have things to do and it is simply not fair. Does the weather not know this? My human brain knows that this is irrational and that anything I was planning to do today was not that important anyway yet my guts are chewed by the inner conflict.
Going back to the book, Peters suggests that the way to deal with this is to let your chimp have a rant or try and distract it. Let it get it out of its system or give it something else to think about. It is never going to settle down until it has said its piece and so I let it rip. After it had calmed down I went and cleared the snow off the drive.
I ended up ringing the only appointment I had today and got everything sorted that I was going to anyway. My chimp has gone back to sleep.

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