#CyberNorth Think Tank


The first of our planned events for the Dynamo cyber work stream was the Think Tank held earlier this week at Accenture’s offices in Cobalt. We had been planning it for several months and then suddenly it was upon us.

The idea was to relaunch the work we had undertaken while raising our profile by showing what Dynamo can do. Ultimately though we wanted to know that we were on the right lines and get people to sign up to the proposed actions and tasks, as well as contribute resources. Having ideas is fine but it is resource that will turn the into outcomes. The work with this theme and that with Building Information Management (BIM) have proved, if it was ever in any doubt, that this is the case.

The event lasted for two hours and was well attended, with around forty people from across all sectors making the effort to attend.

Following the usual introductions and background, Heather from Nissan gave us an overview of how cyber resilience plays an important role in one of the North East’s biggest companies. Getting the balance between developing open products and being secure is a fascinating challenge. Her insight into the different national cultures that the global company has to deal with also got me thinking about some of the issues that the tech industry faces. The number of questions from the audience showed that others were of the same mind.

After Heather we got into the carousel part of the afternoon. Under the expert guidance of Paul each of the three main themes discussed with a third of the group the objectives, suggested actions and tasks. After fifteen minutes the theme leads moved around to the next third so that everyone had a chance to get involved in everything. By the end we had filled pages and pages of notes which will keep me busy for a few days at least.

The event was a great success and gives us a good platform to build the work of the cyber theme. More details can be found on the Dynamo website. Please let me know if you can be of any help.

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