26 Deadly sins O is for Over-Exaggeration

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]Throughout the month of April, I am using the A-Z blogging challenge to invigorate the seven deadly sins with my suggested twenty six more modern versions.  To sin is not a modern invention, nor is it original.  These days there are so many more ways to be inventive.

O is for over-exaggeration. Not just ordinary exaggeration but over-exaggeration.  I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate. That is one of my brother’s jokes. He tells me it every time I see him yet I still laugh.  I should not encourage him.

Now, these days we over use superlatives. What used to be mildly interesting is now fantastic! What used to be fine is now unbelievable!  What used to be slightly unusual is now incredible!  Large is not enough, it has been super- sized, XXL, or if you want to add a touch of intrigue Alto or Grande.

What used to be a job is now a career.  What used to be a trade is now in industry. People become heroes for doing what they are paid for.

I blame the television.  In their drive for bigger audiences they have to over-egg the pudding.  They have to put more sizzle in the sausage than is good for them.  Fantastic and incredible are their bywords.

In my world average means in the middle but now it means poor.  Average has become below average.  To be above average is acceptable yet it is impossible for us all to occupy this space.

We need to get things back in perspective.  Three out of five isn’t bad, it is in the middle.  Not every experience can be one to tick of your bucket list.  Much of life is banal.  That is not bad, it is just the way it is.

Thou shalt not over-exaggerate.

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