26 Deadly sins P is for Peak-Frazzled

Throughout the month of April, I am using the A-Z blogging challenge to invigorate the seven deadly sins with my suggested twenty six more modern versions.  To sin is not a modern invention, nor is it original.  These days there are so many more ways to be inventive.

P is for peak-Frazzled. That is when being frazzled has reached its climax and the only way ahead lies darkness.

According to Grazia, the UK’s most exciting, talked about weekly fashion magazine for women, we have too many things to do and too many people to satisfy.  We are millimetres from the edge.  We have reached peak-frazzle.  We are all running around on the verge of explosion trying to cram everything in to our already hectic life styles.  Our minds and bodies just cannot take anymore.

It is not a new phenomenon. Friedman noted back in the late fifties that us type As have a particular complex of personality traits, including excessive competition drive, aggressiveness, impatience and a harrying sense of time urgency.   Individuals displaying this pattern seem to be engaged in a chronic, ceaseless and often fruitless struggle with themselves, with others, with circumstances, with time and sometime with life itself.

Do you get annoyed in traffic jams?  Do you count the people ahead of you in a queue?  Do you try to talk and answer emails at the same time?  Do you have to tick off half your to-do list before breakfast?  (Do you even have a to-do list?)  If so then you are well on the way.  You are already well-frazzled and peak will surely follow.

Stop!  Slow down!  Take life a bit more slowly.  Try meditation and stop trying to cram something into every second of your waking (and sleeping) life.  Be more type B.  After all you cannot achieve everything and you can never get ahead.  No one can multi-task.

Thou shalt not get frazzled.

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