Fixed term

I have now been Chair of the North East ICT Managers group, or Partnership as it is really called, for over four years.  How time flies’ when you are enjoying yourself.  A part of me feels like it is longer.

It was our annual general meeting this week and I was, once again, elected for another twelve months.  Perhaps this should be my last otherwise there is a danger of it becoming a dictatorship.  Perhaps we should have fixed term tenures.  In my defence, I do feel that the partnership is moving forward well.  Engagement is good and there is the right balance between the technical issues that we are all facing and a greater regional involvement.

I like the NEICT.  We all face the same issues, we ca share our experiences and we can mouth off without fear of retribution.  It is a safe place.

You know I have an interest in the North East.  I talk about it enough and I believe that the NEICT has a role to play in developing and supporting ICT across the region and that we have the will and determination within the group to make a difference.

We continue to extend our local networks, holding discussions with other public sector organisations in the NELEP area around 5G, Digital, IoT and data (through the NECA Digital Leads group), ICT Security (through our ISNorthEast sub group), asset management (through One Public Estate), PSN and greater collaboration between organisations and with the wider digital community through SOCITM NE.

We are playing a significant role in Dynamo North East, an organisation that is focussed on growing our industry in the region. Extending our Partnership to include Stockton and Darlington Councils through Xentrall as an Associate Partner and renewing our relations with Nexus have proved to be beneficial developments.

For this next year of my reign we are going to focus on civic resilience and cyber security.

I would like to thank Graham Jordan, our Partnership Analyst, who wrote most of this as if I had said it and for continued enthusiasm, support and friendship.

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