That’s floor 5 done

Finally, I now know where our bat database is kept.  Not the actual database, that is in the data centre (the bat cave?) but rather the place where it is used.  Where else but in the belfry at County Hall?  Okay, we don’t actually have a belfry but it is right up near the roof on floor five.  If we did have a belfry that is where it would be.  I have found out that we have an ecology team whose job it is to look after all endangered species.  They have maps showing where they all are.

I was doing my usual thing and popping up where I was least expected.  Their room was the last one I needed to complete floor five.  I heard mention of bats and barn owls.  No doubt they do salamanders as well.  They may even have a map on guerrilla workers yet any news of our demise would be a bit premature.

So there are two stories here.  Firstly that is me done with floor five.  I’ll go back there but I have worked in every single office.  I even took the time to pop along the corridor and revisit the room for improvement.  It was like the old days.

The second story was that I overheard a conversation about the slowness of some of our technology.  There were some devices that could not be replaced due to the application not being compatible with windows 10 and they were well overdue and running like an endangered sloth.  I managed to sort a couple of new machines. Still on Windows 7 but at least they will be an improvement.  At least Terry, the manager won’t have to wait for twenty minutes before he can access his files.

And that is the beauty of what I do.  I learn about how the organisation works.  I share my knowledge of what is going on and I come across issues that can be fixed.

I’m getting through my County Hall challenge.

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