A big year ahead

First of all, may I start off by wishing you all a very happy new year.  I hope it is a good one for you.  It turns out that last year I had more readers than the year before yet fewer reads in total.  I have no idea of the significance of this information but I am giving it in the spirit of openness.  I am confident that there have been sufficient readers to make me it worthwhile carrying on with my blog though.

So here goes.

Last year was full on for us back in the ICT Services at Durham.  We made some huge leaps forward especially in the way that we operate as a team.  The mantra of freedom from location, hierarchy and dogma is gathering traction and I hope to build on this throughout 2017, along with encouraging everyone to make the best use of their 5% development time.

Next year is going to be even bigger with many new innovations and major projects to get on with.  Somehow though we need to find time to do those things that have made a difference for us and I will continue working on getting young people into the industry, especially women, helping to grow the North East tech Industry and build upon the success that we have had with open data towards the end of 2016.

Above all though we need to find time to innovate.  It is no good resting on our laurels.  The world around us is transforming rapidly and technology is behind most of the disruption we are seeing.  People will look to us to help them address the opportunities that we are presented with.  If we can’t meet their needs, then I guess they will look elsewhere.

The Leadership team has its first all-day meeting on this Friday and that will be a great pace to set our stall out.

I wasn’t planning to make any resolutions this year but I guess I just have.

So here goes another year.

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