Another Workation

I bought some more stamps and rescued a pen from the back of the draw for this year’s postcard challenge.  I’m a month earlier this year than last but was inspired by the book ‘Lost in Berlin’ by Hans Fallada.  It was about a couple who tried to bring down the NAZI regime by dropping postcards with provocative messages, in buildings around Berlin.

My plan was nowhere near as exciting nor brave.

During the month I have been on a workation.  I know, I made up the word yet when you go on holiday you visit new and exciting places, you take the time to get to know them and you send a postcard back to your loved ones to tell them what a wonderful time you have had.  At least you used to before the advent of social media.

So why not do the same while you are at work?  I spend a lot of my time working across the region and beyond and there are some wonderful places to visit that are worth noting, a fabulous coastline, interesting museums, art galleries, quaint towns and an area of outstanding natural beauty.

During the month of June, I have treated every day as if I am visiting somewhere new and exciting and in many ways I am.  By buying a postcard I am looking at my own region in a new and different light, pointing out its best features and interesting points, while sharing them this time with my eldest daughter.

Apart from a day in York and a day in London, I have been working entirely within the North East region.  I’ve sent postcards of the cathedral, castle and Oriental Museum in Durham, the Winter Gardens and Penshaw Monument in Sunderland, a couple from Beamish Museum, a scene from North Shields ferry terminal as well as some shots of North Tyneside, a few from Newcastle as I seem to have been there a lot this month and of course one form my home town of Morpeth.  I had a doctor’s appointment to attend.

Where I live is exciting.  It has its interesting places to visit and so why shouldn’t we celebrate the places we go to day in and day out.

Let’s go on a workation.

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