Day six of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’  and I’m now at number 1030 on the list of contributors.   Some must have fallen by the wayside.  It’s nice to be part of the blogging community.  I’ve been thinking about those things I have failed to do.

Failure is a harsh word.  Choosing to try something different and getting it wrong could be seen as failure but that would be a little unfair.  I think that there are two kinds of failure, one where you can’t be bothered and mess things up and one where you try hard and it doesn’t happen for you.  The former is unacceptable in my book while the latter should be encouraged.  My brother says that there are two kinds of people, those that say there are two kinds of people and…  I’ve used that joke before. We learn through failure and we need to learn to fail fast as they say.

My little experiment into conscious handedness has been a deliberate attempt to force me to think about what I do without thought.  Being unable to achieve something is no excuse to give up trying otherwise I would never have achieved anything.  If at first you don’t succeed and all that.

I find that it is very easy to forget that I am trying to use one hand over the other.  It’s a bit like when you are driving and find yourself arriving somewhere and you wonder what happened to the journey.  I have to pull myself up.  Even when I’m thinking about which hand I should use I’ve reached out with my right and done what was needed to do.

I’ve noticed that I reach for things instinctively with my right hand.  If items are closer to me left then I may use that hand but there is a moment’s hesitation.  At first, in order to curtail my right-handed tendencies I would keep it in my pocket which is not always practical or even courteous.

With many of the things I do though handedness doesn’t really make a difference.  I haven’t changed my typing on my laptop for instance.  The qwerty keyboard is the same whatever hand you use.  I have thought about which fingers I use to tap away and have tried to make a slight adjustment to include more leftism.  I am by the way a four finger typist.  My mobile isn’t a problem either.  I often use my left hand to respond to email and only struggle when I have to stretch my thumb to get across the screen.  I tend to keep it I my right hand jacket pocket anyway.

Driving hasn’t been a challenge either.  The gear stick is on the left and the controls on the steering wheel are not interchangeable.  I’m not going to mess around in the car anyway.

It is at home where I have struggled most.  The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are where the greatest challenges lie.  Perhaps that’s because these are the things that I have done for the longest amount of time.  I’ll come back to each of these.

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