Getting dressed

Day seven of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’  and I’m getting down to some specifics.

Getting dressed threw up some interesting challenges.  Most of the clothes I put on didn’t present a problem though.  Things such as socks, underpants and trousers require two hands any way and so handedness isn’t an issue.  Belts and ties are another matter.  Before I get onto that though let us consider the shirt.

Men’s’ shirts have buttons on the right lapel (is that the right word?) and button holes on the left.  It is not possible to button up a shirt other than by holding the button in the right hand and the button hole in the left.  Swapping your hands over to be more hand appropriate gets you in a complete mess and makes no sense at all.  Here is an example of a handed application which you have to learn to master in the way described.  Women’s’ shirts however are the other way round.  (There are many theories as to why this is but no one really knows.  They are usually along the lines of keeping servants in their place, or keeping women in their place.  If you ask me it is to do with fashion.  You can never explain that.)

The tie is something else.  I still wear one at work and it stumped me.  Basically I had two choices.  Either attempt to tie it in the same way that I would normally only with my hands the wrong way round or put it round my neck the other way round and tie it as if it was a mirror image.

The interesting bit was that I really had no idea how I tie my tie.  I put it around my neck, do something to weave it in and out and Bob is my uncle.  Before I could learn how to tie it from the left I had to remember how I tied it in the first place.  I have had to unlearn in order to relearn how to do it differently.  Also remember that I am doing this in the mirror.

I went for the approach that is the complete opposite of what I would normally do with the short bit to the left of my neck and fat bit to the right.

My first attempt was a nightmare.  Wherever I put my right hand I had to replace with my left.  I would normally wrap the fat bit twice around the thin bit then up and through the hole around the neck and down into the knot.  It took me six attempts before my brain and hand could work out how to wrap the fat bit over the tie just once.  Doing it twice took several more.  I needed up with a red face and what would have passed for a knot, though perhaps not as smart as I would like, with the ends at an acceptable length.  I might try it without the mirror as that really threw me.  Apparently there are eighty five ways of tying a tie.  I think I’ll stick to perfecting the one I know.

Do left handed people wear their belts the other way around?

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