Sock drawer

My sock drawer says a lot about me unfortunately.  It also says a lot about the way life is.  It is a microcosm of how order changes into chaos and how entropy always increases.  It’s that second law of thermodynamics all over again which states that (forgive me for I paraphrase) ‘In any closed system the amount of usable energy is always less than the total potential energy and as the amount of usable energy decreases entropy, the degree of disorder in the system will increase.’  My sock drawer is a system.

No matter how often I organise it, within a few weeks it is in complete disorder which brings me out in a cold sweat.

Now I have quite a few socks and I manage to arrange them in four rows, black ones (or dark blue) to go with my gray and navy suits and brown ones to go with the autumn tones.  I keep my black socks in a nice straight row and the left of the draw and the brown ones in a nice straight row on the right.  In the middle I have two equally linear selections of those that I wear when I am not at work which are of various hues and tones.

I’m not sure how it happens.  One minute everything is neat and tidy and as a sock drawer should be (in my mind at least) and the next they are all jumbled up with no order at all.  Brown are in with black and casual hob-knobbing with the smart.  I don’t think it’s a deliberate act of sabotage, not a planned assault upon my overly neat approach to footwear storage, but rather the outcome of dozens of apparently random acts that come together in a perfect muddle.

I take a pair out which creates a space.  Another pair is put back in to fill the void but which breaks the pattern and so it goes on.  When I put them away I try to stick to the format but clearly it is less important for my better half who, unsurprisingly has far better things to do with her life.  And this is the thing, while I might see the neatness as a thing of beauty my wife sees it for what it is, a drawer full of socks yet she is highly protective of the layout in some of her own drawers (if you know what I mean).

They say that you never know someone until you live with them.  It is then that you find their quirks and habits.  I’m sure that I have many more than just that drawer.  It’s not that big a deal and I’m not going to fall out over it but it reminds me that sometimes you work hard to develop something that others don’t see as important and as soon as you turn your back entropy has done its thing.

I had to tidy my sock drawer again this morning.

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