Listen – ‘It’s Cyber Up North’ 

This week we recorded our eleventh episode of ‘It’s Cyber Up North’. The title says it all as this is a podcast about cyber security right here in the region and beyond. It comes in two flavours, one which covers live issues in the rapidly changing cyber security market, such as LastPass and Capita, while … Continue reading Listen – ‘It’s Cyber Up North’ 

Telling a story

The #CyberFest webinar with the North East Fraud Forum was another great event. All the speakers were enthralling, the technology worked well and I could probably fill several blogs with things I want to say. I’m going to start though with the presentation from Annabel Berry, CEO of Sapphire that came towards the end. We … Continue reading Telling a story

Are we going to go back?

#CyberFest 20 is finally underway. After months of thinking about it, in what has been the strangest of years, September is finally upon us and as we all know now,  September is #CyberFest. Putting the events on takes some effort and I am glad that I have some help. Clare at Beaconhouse Events helps me … Continue reading Are we going to go back?