The beauty of languages

I’ve always wanted to speak a foreign language, to speak one properly, fluently as if I was a native.  I’ve been trying for a long time, ever since I was at school.  I’ve dabbled in French, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and even Esperanto yet I’ve never given any of the more exotic tongues a try, such … Continue reading The beauty of languages

Intelligent design

I have either been put together over the millennia through countless trials and errors, mistakes and opportunities or I have been created at the hand of some intelligent designer.  I have either navigated a successful evolutionary path to arrive where I am today ever since I slid out of the primordial ooze or what I … Continue reading Intelligent design

Things to think about when making species un-extinct No.3

In two previous pieces I raised the topic of bringing extinct species back to life, making such things as Tasmanian Tigers and Gastric Brooding Frogs un-extinct through DNA sequencing and clever artificial fertilisation techniques.  Outside of any ethical and difficulty questions there were a few points that I thought were worth thinking about. The first … Continue reading Things to think about when making species un-extinct No.3

And man will live for evermore

Man will soon leave his flesh behind.  He will shed his skin and exist only as an electronic entity in a virtual world.  It may take a thousand years, it may take a million but the process has already begun.  We have entered the fifth evolutionary epoch  and there is no turning back. Every day … Continue reading And man will live for evermore