You still want vaccine passports?

Image thanks to UNNews La Soufrière, a stratovolcano on the Island of Saint Vincent has erupted. This explosive event, the first time the volcano has erupted since 1979, has left the island in a humanitarian crisis that, according to the United Nations, could last for months. Twenty thousand people have been evacuated from their homes … Continue reading You still want vaccine passports?

Deliveroo doesn’t deliver

‘Takeaway delivery service Deliveroo had a stinker of an IPO – the share price immediately dropped by around a third.’ - Moneyweek ‘But London's biggest IPO since 2011 was an unmitigated disaster. The stock plunged when trading started on Wednesday, and the shares eventually closed 26% below their listing price, wiping almost £2 billion ($2.8 … Continue reading Deliveroo doesn’t deliver