Little trees

I wish…

Honestly, I am trying my best to slow down, with a view to eventually stop what I am doing. It’s not that easy though as there is so much going on that is interesting and the world doesn’t turn to my rhythm. The end of September is supposed to be some hiatus for me. Already I am down to working two days a week, which is proving a challenge, yet from that date I will be down to one day or, perhaps even less. I’m not sure if such an approach is sustainable and I am kidding myself. Let’s see.

The problem is that I am involved in things that go on beyond that date, making commitments that I don’t know I can keep. I guess though in reality we do this all the time. When setting up meetings in the future you have no real idea what is going to happen between now and then which could throw out your plans. Life does tend to get in the way.

I know that I am thinking about events in October and November, whilst at the same time I know that is beyond the date I had set myself to have another go at retiring. 

Whilst it has been raining over the weekend we have enjoyed a nice spell of sunny, if not too warm weather in the last week. This meant we were able to get out in the garden and tame the ravages of both nature and the winter. I’ve managed to fill our brown bin with dead leaves, twigs and weeds.

One of my interests (passions?) is to grow little trees in pots. I have mentioned them before and have quite a few different species, some doing better than others. While tending the garden I noticed that the rowan trees, even though their first leaves had hardly unfurled, were sprouting flower buds. They haven’t opened yet but already the tree is preparing for next year. The seeds must be ready by the autumn and the tree must use the summer to feed them and grow. Now is the season to start preparing, or has that been happening during the apparent dormant time of winter?

It reminded me that the annual cycle goes on. I cannot alter it just as much as the trees can. Whether I am involved or not there will still be events going and  I need to be working on those seeds.

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