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Podcasts seem to be all the rage and so why not get on board. I was going to say that there was no bandwagon that CyberNorth wouldn’t jump on yet I have managed to avoid Facebook and Tik Tok, at least for now.

My favourite podcast at the moment is ‘The rest is politics’. I like the way that subjects are covered in a conversational style and this is what I want to emulate in our soon to be launched series of ‘It’s Cyber up North’ podcasts. 

I’ll come back to those in a minute as last week I made my way down to Shieffield to take part in the NEBRC’s own podcast series called ‘Gone Phishing’. A catchy title is a must have. The experience was great and a good way to learn from, for what we are going to do. A professional producer had been hired which helped enormously. Rebecca had some questions that I had prepared for and I was able to check my laptop through just in case there was something I missed. The whole thing lasted just under twenty minutes and was done in one take.

So, back to our own podcasts. Having started off our ‘In Conversation’ series of YouTube videos back at the start of the pandemic and having recorded fifty eight of them we felt that it was time to do something fresh. We felt that having something to listen to that covered interesting and relevant topics would make a good change. 

Our first will be recorded early in December, with the recent Empower event and getting young people into cyber security as the subject. Robert, who helped me out no end with the ‘In Conversation’ videos is going to do all the production. My job will be to find the guests and topics.

My next adventure then is to become a podcaster. Wish us luck and look out for the release of our very first edition. Get subscribed and if you want to get involved, please get in touch through the normal channels. 

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