#CyberFest – Businesses have an ethical responsibility to be secure online

Image thanks to Pintrest

There’s nothing like a good debate to get the juices flowing. That’s why we have been using the format over the last few years to raise the issues surrounding cyber security. Back in 2020 when COVID was still rife, we debated the motion that: Cyber crime is good for the banking sector.  This was part of Newcastle Startup Week and in conjunction with the North East Initiative on Business Ethics, or NIBE. It was a fun event.

Indeed the idea for a debate came from working with NIBE, which had held a number of school debates with the support of Gavin Clarke from Emmanuel College, in which four school teams came together to put their cases for and against.

This year, again with Emmanuel College and supported by NIBE, we are holding another debate, kindly hosted by Muckle LLP in Gallowgate, Newcastle. To get everyone in the mood the event will kick off with a talk from David Horn, CEO CyberWhite about his experiences of teenage children and their use of social media. Four schools from across the region will then debate the motion that ‘Businesses have an ethical responsibility to be secure online.’ I’m sure you have an opinion on this already but it will be interesting to hear the arguments that come up.

There will also be prizes thanks to Richard Snell using his contacts at IBM, to be awarded by Caroline Theobald, chief judge and director of NIBE.

Do businesses have an ethical responsibility to be secure online? Is it their responsibility or is it a case of caveat emptor, as they say round our way? No doubt we’ll find out in the evening.

If you are a student, a parent, a teacher or generally interested in cyber security, then you should get yourself along. Tickets are available here and I hope to see you there.

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