Too prepared?

Tomorrow the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival kicks off. A small team has been preparing for it over the last couple of months or so. We all feel that we have done all that we can in preparation and we are looking forward to it finally kicking off. Whatever happens will happen.

At the same time we have been preparing for this year’s #CyberFest. You would think that after five years we would have this more or less off pat and indeed a lot of the preparation is done. Whilst there are still some holes, the schedule has been announced and tickets are available. Again a small team has been helping me with the planning. 

It feels as if we are much better prepared this year than in previous years. I should be able to relax and feel confident that things are going as well as they can. In many ways I am much more relaxed. I don’t feel as tight as I have done in the past and haven’t lost much sleep yet.

But something is starting to nag at the back of my head and there are grumbings in my stomach. I have a feeling that things can’t be that good and that something has been missed. We must have forgotten some speakers, or not lined up a location, or not arranged food and drink, yet when I check the list it is the same things that I know are missing that are missing. All the holes in the schedule are being worked on, either by me or have been allocated to a team member. 

But there must be something. Nature abhors a vacuum and no doubt something will crop up. Already a couple of speakers have changed roles and are no longer available yet these are normal things when organising events.

Why am I getting these feelings of angst then? Could it be that I am too prepared?

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