Let’s go to the Innovation Festival

I can’t believe it’s less than a fortnight to Northumbrian Water Group’s Innovation Festival, back as an in person event at Gosforth Park Racecourse. If you have never been, you should as it is one of the highlights of the North East calendar. This is an international event with between one thousand and fifteen hundred people in attendance over the course of the 4 days.

If you need an excuse to come along to this prestigious festival then here it is. CyberNorth and UK CYber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) are sponsoring a cyber security strand across the event. We’re holding 3 daily dashes (day-long workshops) to address some issues that affect the sector at a regional, national and international level:

  • Embedding innovation in the cyber security sector – 12 July
  • Bringing talent into cyber security – 13 July
  • Preparing for the business impacts of cyber incidents – 14 July

The dashes will be held in the tent village, with each session able to take around fifty people.

Why are CyberNorth and UKC3 getting involved? In short, to:

  • Engage the regional, national and international sector in addressing common problems affecting cyber security problems
  • Develop a range of possible solutions to such problems
  • Embed cyber security (culture) as a key issue in the minds of those involved in the festival
  • Promote CyberNorth as a member of UKC3 on the national and international stage
  • Highlight the region as a place for innovation in cyber security

While the festival has a large focus on critical national infrastructure, not just within the water sector, it is essential that any development and innovation is underpinned by strong resilience. Cyber security has a major role to play in ensuring the safe and secure growth of all industries. 

These dashes aren’t just for cyber security professionals. We are wanting a broad and diverse group of people to work through each day. If you are interested in innovation, human centred design, general business, process management, project management, artists, academia, apprenticeship bodies, recruiters, HR specialism, schools representatives, artists, public sector, risk and compliance, resilience, legal,financial and general management then we would love you to come along.

You can register here for 1, 2 or all 3 days: https://www.innovationfestival.org/the-festival/sprints/Cyber-North-and-UKC3/

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