Back at Thinking Digital

It seems a long time since I was last at Thinking Digital. COVID had put a temporary stop to it and I had some concerns that it would never come back again. It is such a great event, a celebration of what makes the tech sector so interesting and uplifting and it would have left a big hole. Herb and the team do such a fantastic job.

May is flying by and the date, or dates, have come round in a flash. To be honest I have been simply too busy to give up two days and so the workshops were out. The dinner was also a no go but for other reasons and by the time I crossed the High Level Bridge from Newcastle to Gateshead I was already running late.

I missed a few of the speakers, which was a great shame and even had to leave early, yet I still had an amazing time. It was just like the old days with the opportunity to meet up with old acquaintances and say hello to new ones. I am such a butterfly at these events, flitting from one person to the next and the coffee and lunch breaks are when I come into my own.

Some people I speak to for strategic reasons (that sounds awful but hopefully you know what I mean), others because there is something I want to do with them while others are good friends. It is quite a mix and takes a bit of effort to get around, especially when you are not sure of who will turn up. It was great to speak to David from the BBC and hear of their exciting plans for the region, Paul from Nomad about the upcoming Dynamo 22, Kate fresh off stage from her crypto talk and Mike who was just great to be with again.

For me, this is the real beauty of Thinking Digital, not just the brilliant speakers but the incredible atmosphere that the people create.

I’m already looking forward to next year and will try to give it the time it deserves.

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