Cyber security is culture

Planning for #CyberFest 22 is well underway now. A call for speakers will go out in the next few days and we will have the programme buttoned down, more or less, by the end of May. We can then go to town to promote the events. I think we are up to fourteen now.

In fact, the North East’s biggest cyber security festival is already underway with the kick off of Crafty Cyber Eyes, this year’s arts and cyber security collaboration. This is the third year that we have been running such a venture with Creative Fuse North East and Sunderland University and hopefully it will be part of the calendar for years to come. It is such an exciting and interesting initiative.

Thursday saw us in the pod at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, with an opportunity for the artists to meet up, get to understand how the programme is going to work and to hear from two of the cyber security companies who are going to work with them.

Matt from CyberWhite was the first up. He spoke about the difference between process, people and technology and how often it is the people that are the most important. Whilst not always at fault, they are certainly the weakest link in the chain and most cyber security breaches come out due to human frailty.

Igor from iSolutionsLabs spoke next. The audience was especially interested in what he had to say as he is Ukrainian and was able to portray the very real threat of nation state cyber security attacks. His business used to operate from offices both in Ukraine and the UK. His team is now firmly ensconced in the Software Centre. If I remember correctly, his office no longer exists in Kyiv.  

Both Matt and Igor’s talks helped to move the discussions away from just about technology and made everyone think more about the human aspect of cyber security. Igor summed it all up by saying that cyber security is culture. 

So is art. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out from this year’s programme.

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