Starting to stop

One of the things I have found most difficult about working for myself is how to stop. I’m not quite there yet but I’ve been able to buy a Senior Persom’s Railcard and so the warning signs are starting to show. I’m also not ready to give up entirely but would like to be able to ease myself out gently. But how?

If I was only consulting then it might not be that hard. I could just stop at the end of one contract and not take up another. Most of the time I have had multiple contracts and again that would be just a case of gradually saying no.

But I’m not. Most of my time recently has been spent working on or around CybeNorth. We’ve got something good going and despite being pulled from pillar to post at times, it is something that I continue to enjoy. The struggle has been that I have really been its main resource. For much of the time I am its only resource.

I am not especially interested in leaving a legacy though I would like to see CyberNorth continue after my involvement is over. This means it needs to move from a passion project to a sustainable business footing. It needs to be set up in a way that has enough resources to be able to deliver against its objectives yet have a small cost base. 

Thinking about these issues led me to sit down with a colleague to plan it all out. Using a business model canvas, we were able to identify the three key roles, part-time perhaps, needed to form the basis of the organisation going forward: a cluster lead, an engagement person and; an operational support person.

Getting these in place will allow me to remove myself, when the time comes. I’m going to start with the operational support. All I need to do now is find the money.

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