The run up to Xmas

The few weeks before Xmas seem to be amongst the busiest of the year. I used to think that this was because everyone was trying to get everything sorted and clear their (virtual) desks before taking some well earned rest. I used to scratch my head wondering why people bothered when it would all start up again once January gets underway.

I’ve changed my mind. I now think that there is some concertina effect which has particularly affected me this year.

I have been extremely busy right throughout the pandemic, perhaps apart from the first couple of months while the world took time to adjust. These last few weeks have been even busier and January looks like it is going to be packed. Therein lies the problem.

In order for my January to go as smoothly as possible and for me to be able to pack in all the things that I and others have planned for me, I need to have it all scheduled by the end of December at the latest. Yet the end of December isn’t at the end of the month like every other but rather on 17th for many or perhaps a few days later for others.

In essence, I have lost six working days (I officially only work three days a week). This means I have to pack 14 working days worth of work into 8 days, a loss of 43% of productive time. Not everything that we do every month needs to be done yet even taking this into account means we have to pick up the pace to get through our normal cycle. If we don’t then it will eat into January which we have already agreed is going to be very busy. 

What can be done? We could start by planning earlier in the year, moving some of the planning cycle into October and November if possible or we could move to a 13 period year. Of course, none of this will happen and we will be wondering next year why we are so busy.

It is Kismet, our lot in life.

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