Revisit Cyber Security Across Manufacturing, Industry and Supply Chains

One of the advantages of holding this year’s #CyberFest events online was that we could record them. Doing so allows those who were unable to attend the live event or who want to revisit  it to do so. All of the 2021 events, bar the Cyber Eyes Wide Open, are now live on Dynamo’s YouTube site and several have already had a significant number of views.

There are a few events, however, that are worth highlighting as they stood out for me during the festival. All of the events were good yet some, either because of the subject it was covering, the depth of the presentations or the audience it was aimed at, have stuck in my memory. Over the next few weeks I am going to pull a few out through this blog.

The first is ‘Cyber Security Across Manufacturing, Industry and Supply Chains’ the ninth event during #CyberFest, held on 22 September. This event, like several across the festival, was less about cyber security in itself but more about its application and why it is important.

Manufacturing and chemical processing are important sectors in the Teeside area and the use of technology is fundamental to its growth. It made sense therefore, to work with Teesside University and The Digital City to ask how we make sure that the technologies are applied in a way that is secure, not only within the manufacturing process but across the whole supply chain.

Teesside University has two exciting initiatives pertaining to the sector, the Industrial Digitalisation Technology Centre (IDTC) and the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator. Through the event we explore the role cyber security has in their future. We also hear from MakeUK, the organisation that champions and celebrates British manufacturing and manufacturers.

Teesside University has launched the Industrial Digitalisation Technology Centre to support SMEs in the Tees Valley to explore the opportunities Industry 4.0 technologies bring, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, modelling, simulation and sensor technology – creating an essential competitive edge that generates real value for businesses.

The Made Smarter Technology Accelerator is a national acceleration programme, set to fast forward and shape the UK’s technology solutions directly into industry, through the advancement and adoption of technology.

The event is aimed at business people, business leaders (especially manufacturing, chemical processing, logistics), people in academia, cyber security students, cyber security professionals and anyone interested in a cyber career.

The video can be found here.

Timestamp for the speakers:

  • Welcome to Teesside University and Digital City – Siobhan Fenton, Associate Dean (Enterprise and Business Engagement) at Teesside University– 6:03 mins
  • Make UK – Aaron Maran, Policy Manager at Make UK – 10:30 mins
  • Industrial Digitalisation Technology Centre – Dr David Hughes, Associate Professor, Materials Engineering at Teesside University – 33:40 mins
  • Made Smarter Technology Accelerator – David Spencer, Growth Consultant Tees Valley Combined Authority – 48:20 mins
  • Security by design – David Johnson – Development Director, Communicate – 01:13:45 hour and mins
  • Introduction to industrial systems security – Ben Caley, Business Development & Project Manager at Siemens Industrial Security Services – 01:14:05 hour and mins
  • Cyber Security In The Gaming Industry – Callum Duncan, Sencode – 02:02:30 hour and mins

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