Help with CyberNorth

Finally, I have some help with CyberNorth. Don’t get me wrong, all of the steering group, the people at Accenture, Dynamo and Beacon House, as well as the sector itself have been an enormous help over these last three or four years. In the main though the work has been done by me and I can only do so much, especially part time.

Starting tomorrow, thanks to our involvement in the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) and its funding I have been able to bring a small team together for the next six months. You see, the problem I have is a Rumsfeld one, I know what I know but have no idea what I don’t know. 

It is the extent of what I don’t know about the cyber security sector in the region that has haunted me for some time. What about companies in the region I am not aware of? What are their specialisms? What support is available to these companies? How many people are actively involved in learning or training in cyber security? How many people are employed?

I know some of these things but don’t know how much of the whole my knowledge represents.

Of course nobody can know everything about the sector, it is just too big and complicated. Indeed the sector is not one thing, it means different things to different people and its intricacies and linkages weave in and out of the regional economy like fungal mycelia under a forest floor.

I need to understand this web better and have the opportunity to do so over the next six months. The plan is to work with the team to improve our understanding of 

  • The local cyber security market and engage with it to understand its needs
  • Business support available to the local cyber security market and its  business support needs.

I’m also going to restart the skills work from earlier on in the year, but I think I will wait until #CyberFest is out of the way. 

Exciting and interesting times lie ahead.

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