#CyberFest 21 – Why you should go to Innovating In Cyber Security Through Art

I keep saying that there is something for everyone at this year’s #CyberFest. That’s because there is. Cyber security is an issue that affects us all and not just those people in the IT department. 

If you are in business, academia, are a cyber security student, a cyber security professional, an artist, someone interested in the arts and creativity or interested in cyber security and technology then you should come along to this Creative Fuse NE – Collaboration And Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) event.

Following last year’s successful Cyber Cage collaboration, we are once again working with Creative Fuse NE, not only on the Cyeber Eyes Wide Open project but also this event to look at ‘Innovating In Cyber Security Through Art’.

Why are we so interested in the arts and technology?

According to Christies, ‘Art and technology have a complex but meaningful history of working together and influencing one another’. Innovation in one often leads to innovation in the other. 

Indeed David Hockney said, ‘I am at the moment drawing, or painting really, on an iPad. I have been working this year, 2020, to depict the arrival of spring in Normandy. This takes about three months, and I think it’s the most exciting thing nature has to offer in this part of the world. The app I used in 2011 was called Brushes. It was a new medium and I enjoyed finding out about it.’

Now I was never good at art. My career ended with an O level (remember those?) where the subject was ‘Down at the Station’ and I ended up doing a pencil drawing of Kojak (remember him?). As I have grown older I have come to wish I had worked a bit harder or had a modicum of natural artistic talent as I have come to realise that societies are defined and remembered by their art.

There is a lot of opportunity for art to be created on technology, music, video, 3d printing coding bring new dimensions to the artistic process. This event though is part of #CyberFest, we don’t want to investigate art on technology but rather art about technology.

To get the event underway, we will here from Mark Adamson, Project Director Creative Fuse North East

CyberNorth and #CyberFest, followed by a presentation on the Cyber Cage and Cyber Eyes Wide Open programmes from Gill Hagan-Green, Research And Development Specialist at University of Sunderland and Lynne Hall, Institutional Lead, Creative Fuse. We’ll hear about the exciting work going on to use art to look at and think differently about cyber security. Andi Pannell, Head of Cyber Security at Bottlepay will then talk to us about beauty in programming and cyber security solutions. 

The rest of the event will be around a couple of breakout sessions where we will pose the questions: How can the cyber security industry innovate through art? and; How can artists innovate through cyber security? 

I’m looking forward to this event and these discussions which will be online between 10:00 – 11:30 on 8 September. Tickets are free and are available here.Everyone is welcome and I look forward to seeing you there.

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