My second jab

Image thanks to Sunderland CCG

I’ve now had my second COVID vaccination, just over nine weeks after my first. Much younger people had been asking when I was going to have it as it seemed that everyone was now getting their second dose. I remained calm as my local surgery was dealing with it and I was still within date.

Sure enough, I got the call on Friday and an injection on Saturday. In what seemed like an instant I went from partially to fully vaccinated. The nurse did say though that I may need a top up at sometime.

This time around was markedly more efficient than the first injection. In the last ten weeks the surgery must have learned what works well and ironed out the procedures. When I arrived at the surgery there was a short queue, my temperature was checked using a speed gun and I was directed to a desk to give my name and address. It was just like an election but I was given a form for the nurse rather than a polling card. 

From there I joined the queue again to be allocated to one of six stations where the medical staff were performing the inoculation. A short sit down, some questions from the nurse and the injection was done. In total I must have been there less than five minutes. It was a model of efficiency.

Throughout this exercise the NHS has proven how it can rise to the occasion. It has reminded me what a fantastic resource it is and how fortunate we are to have it. Being vaccinated against the pandemic without having to worry if I can afford it or not is a luxury that is worth fighting for.

In case you are wondering, I had a slight headache, itchy arms and a bit of stiffness but I have no idea if these symptoms had anything to do with the vaccine or just getting old.

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