I am who I am

It’s been a long time since I have had a job interview. The pitches I have made for consultancy work have been similar but the questions have tended to be focussed on what I can do for them rather than proving my experience and skills. 

In reality though it’s not long since I had a job interview, it’s been less than a week. Admittedly it was only a preliminary one and it may lead to others but at this stage I don’t know. Why I am having one is another story yet that is not the purpose of my tale. 

You see, during the interview I was asked a question I have never been asked before. ‘Is there anything on social media that I would be ashamed of?’ or words to that effect. This is a very modern question and shows how things have changed in the world of recruitment, for me at least.

I paused and thought about the question, as it had thrown me a little. I then went on to explain that I was a prolific user of social media and that I blogged three times a week. I took the question as an opportunity to spell out my political leanings and my belief in the goodness of people and the strength in being a society. I felt these were all relevant to the position I was interested in.

When I was at Durham County Council, and indeed North Tyneside Council, I held politically restricted positions and wasn’t allowed to promote my political views. Since leaving I have gone to town and made good use of my new found freedom. I have free reign to express my views and opinions yet I have always been careful not to be rude or personal.

Back to the question. After the interview I thought long and hard about it. What happens if there is something on my social media that grates with the prospective employers? Would I be prepared to back track on something I had said for the sake of a position? Could I anyway, even if I wanted to?

The answer is no. I have set out my stall and made my position clear and there is no going back now, even if I wished to. I am who I am, take it or leave it.

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