Explosive awards

Other awards were available

I must admit that I admire Charlie Hoult from Dynamo and the team from Beaconhouse Events, for his and their willingness to try something new. I’m not sure if anything ever phases them but they always seem to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. So it has been with the restrictions imposed upon both of their businesses due to COVID-19.

Way back in March it was very difficult to predict the way the world was going to be now and, as the year progressed, our plans had to change as it became impossible to hold in person events. At first it was the odd meeting and webinar until we made the decision to move the annual Dynamo conference online. 

It was a huge success as was last night’s (at the time of writing) Dynamites awards ceremony. Who would have thought that such a thing could be done online while retaining some of the flare and razzamataz of the evenings back at the civic centre in Newcastle. For the last few years, Daymon Britton has been the compare and once again he did an excellent job in holding it all together. It must have been hard to make the transition to online for him as well as it is difficult to know if there is anyone out there and no immediate audience reaction.

My role in this year’s Dynamites was very small. It is not my area of expertise and so I have left it to those who are more capable though I have compared and been part of the judging panel in previous years. This time, my sole contribution was to announce the winners of Best use of Data award, which went to DWP and Wordnerds. A huge congratulations go out to Fay Cooper and Pete Daykin and their teams. 

There I was then, just after nine o’clock, standing in the conservatory in front of my smartphone, in its tripod precariously perched on a table, Chromebook in hand, wearing a smart shirt and a bow tie, to present the award. Standards have to be kept.

What the viewers will not have realised is that, below the facade I was wearing my pyjamas. Another first, but it was nearly my bedtime! After all, on the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog.

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