My new-normal

Image thansk to Capital Hair and Beauty

Phew, #CyberFest is over, at least for 2020. I thought I would be able to have a few days off, not thinking about anything in particular and ease back into whatever was next. No such luck. I seem to be busier than ever.

I guess one of the reasons is down to #CyberFest itself. Throughout the month of September and indeed for weeks before, my head had been completely occupied with the festival. My brain had been squeezed and there simply wasn’t enough room for much else. A lot of the stuff I would have done had been pushed aside to make way and now I am paying the price.

The second reason though is that I am looking for work, paid work as there is always plenty of free work around. I have a few irons in the fire and if they come off then I will be back to normal. To  be frank, if they all come off then I will be overrun and not able to cope yet I think it was David who said to me that they never all come off and things will work out fine in the end. So far he has been proved right!

COVID-19 has also had a marked effect on my business. Nature abhors a vacuum and she certainly doesn’t like to see me unoccupied. While certain aspects of my work have disappeared others have grown to fill, or overfill the void. Things I was expecting to do have gone and things I hadn’t expected have come to the fore. Even newer things are starting to appear from over the horizon.

People talk about the new-normal but I think we are far from it as yet. My world and that of many others, is still in flux and it will take a while for normality to settle down. By then I expect to be the same person, working in the same way, with the same interests and excitement, only in areas that are novel to me. 

Anyway, I must get on!

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