My Chromebook and me


At the end of this month my business will be three years old. Up until lock down it had been going very well and I am hoping and confident that things will get back to some sort of normal soon. When I started I wasn’t sure if it would ever get off the ground, after all, I had had no experience of working for myself or indeed looking for the kind of business I was going after. I was keen to be prudent with my finances and make sure that what I invested in was good value.

I looked around for a computer to work from and eventually settled upon a Chromebook, from Argos for £169. I bought it up at Consett in Durham. 

At first I was a little concerned that it would be able to do everything that my Microsoft laptop could do when I was in full time employment. It couldn’t, but in truth it could do nearly everything that I needed. Spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations are the bread and butter of my work and it coped with these admirably. Software updates happened without a hitch and the battery life was all day. It was so light that at times I forgot I had it with me. My only regret was that I didn’t pay the extra £20 to get more memory as it got a bit leaky after a few hours.

It has been a fantastic tool for running my business and at a cost of £1.08 per week has been excellent value. That is about 15p per day!

You may have noticed that I have been using the past tense because today I have bought a new Chromebook. The automatic updates are only delivered for three years and that time has passed. I am typing this on my brand new Asus C202X which I set up this morning. Basically the instructions were charge it up, switch it on.

Oh, and I did go for the larger memory this time, which has pushed the price up to 18p per day. Believe me, it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “My Chromebook and me

  1. Fantasticly cost effective.

    Bit sad that the old one isnt being supported any more. No chance of loading Linux on it?

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